From site inspection performed by competent technicians and public officials was that the building where we are located is in compliance with the anti-seismic laws and that the structure has not suffered any damage from recent earthquakes, however, occurred more than 20 km away from the center of Ferrara

Locanda delle Agucchie is situated in the center of Ferrara (deemed by ONESCU as a city of art) in a small alley called San Romano which is in the middle of the old Jewish quarter. This is a superb residence for those who would like a valid and more economical alternative to a hotel in the center of Ferrara ideal for tourists who are looking for a comfortable and refined enviroment, with rooms furnished with classical and elegant furnishings, with private bathrooms.
Locanda delle Agucchie is well known for its capacity to offer services that cater to the different needs of each client, and is a good choice for clients that are here in Ferrara for buisness or for tourism. A residence that is full of tranquility, rich with charm, wrapped in a warm family atmosphere, but at the same time only 50 meters from the Duomo (Cathedral of Ferrara) and the Estense Castel. The beautiful buildings that surround our residence are sybmols of the rich medieval history of the city: Palazzo dei Diamanti (diamond palace), Palazzo Schifanoia, which is one of the most interesting monuments of Ferrara.
The architectural history of the Jewish quarter has remained magically intact throughout history and today we can still get a sense of what life in the “ghetto” was like.
With the atmosphere of the 8 rooms of our Locanda which are all equipped with a kitchen and the atmosphere of Ferrrara that surrounds our Locanda, we think that staying with us is the ideal solution for our guests.

Locanda delle Agucchie is found in the hisotrical center of Ferrara, located in a limited traffic area, in an elegant building of the 1500s. The area is very quiet and good for families with children.
Around the locanda the tourist can visit the most important meusems of Ferrara, art exhibitions and historical buildings such as The Estense Castle , Palazzo dei Diamanti, the Theatre, and Ariostea square.
Our clients who come to Ferrara for buisness reasons will note that we are in an ideal position for their working needs since we are also surrounded by offices, banks, the University of Ferrara and the court house. We offer our guests comfortable rooms and appartments with a friendly enviroment and we will try to meet all of our guests’ needs. We hope that you will find all the information that you need by using our site. If you still have some unanswered questions please do not hesitate contacting us using our CONTACTS & RESERVATIONS page

Affittacamere – Alloggi – Appartamenti – Bed & Breakfast – delle Agucchie Locanda a Ferrara, la migliore alternativa all’ hotel e all’ albergo per vacanze, week end o soggiorni di lavoro a Ferrara.

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